The BrewBelt

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Winemakeri 25L-32L Pail BrewBelt, 20W

BrewbeltProduct Description

"The BrewBelt™" is an adjustable heating belt that wraps around a 27-30 liter (7-7.5 USG) plastic pail or a 23 liter (6 USG) single-stage plastic fermenter. It will maintain 23 liter (6 USG) of fermenting beverage (beer wort, wine must or SuperYeast X-Press at a constant brewing temperature, approximately 23-27ºC (75-80ºF) for a period of up to 8 days. Home brewing in cold or damp conditions often requires this additional heat source to maintain minimum fermentation temperatures.
20 watt




Brewbelt Uses

Contact our staff to find the best uses for your Brewbelt.
There are many great uses for your Brewbelt. It can help keep your beer wort at a constant temperature while fermenting, it can also be used while making a batch of SuperYeast to ensure that you attain the highest volume of alcohol during your distilling process.
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